About Us

When we launched in 2008, technology was
evolving by the minute. Everywhere we looked, people
were using awesome new gadgets and electronics—
and dropping them, and spilling coffee on them,
and having all sorts of accidents. Meanwhile,
the warranty market was living in the past. The only thing worse
than the flimsy protection was the awful customer service.

We thought it was time to move things forward.
Our big idea? Give people protection that covers
the breaks, spills & mishaps of everyday life, and
treat our customers like we'd want to be treated.

Evidently, we were on to something.

Today we’re growing at the speed of
technology. The most important feature of the Tanta Company is the quality
and character of the men and women who comprise our organization.
We are very cognizant of the fact that the successes we enjoy today
are a function of those who went before us, but we also believe strongly that
a healthy and expanding organization should always have more dreams
than memories.

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