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On a family plan? Protect all of your
phones and save up to 55% or more.

Save N16,000 Today!
  • Cancel anytime for a refund. Learn more.
  • Covers drops, spills, and malfunctions.
  • Save ₦16,000/year per phone (up to 6 phones) over individual TantaSecure™ plans.
  • Available for any working phone regardless of age or purchase date (proof of purchase/ownership required).
All plans automatically renew at the end of their term for ₦12,000/year until canceled. A ₦5,000 deductible applies to all claims.
Downloading our app is required for activation. *For savings claim info, click here.


To qualify, one phone must have been purchased in the last 30 days or device must be currently in perfect condition. If either is true, we'll protect all phones on your family plan, old or new.

  Connerstone Pointek Axa-Mansard Best Buy TantaSecure™
Price (over 24 months) ₦60K ₦70K ₦40K ₦65K ₦21K
Deductible per claim ₦10K ₦7K ₦10K ₦14K ₦5K
Covers any working phone, old or new NO NO NO NO YES
Reimbursement for repairs at any local service shop NO NO NO NO YES
Loss & Theft Protection NO NO N/A NO YES
Coverage never ends (auto-renews), cancel anytime NO NO YES NO YES
Follows you phone to phone, including upgrades YES YES YES NO YES


  1. You're 10x more likely to
    break your phone than lose it
    or have it stolen.*

  2. But loss & theft coverage can
    cost twice as much as accident
    protection. That's up to ₦60,000 or
    more (fees plus deductible).

  3. Plus, free apps can help you
    find your phone if you lose it.
    So why pay?

*Based on TantaSecure™'s 2018 Accident Survey

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Smartphones are expensive to repair, and the costs can add up quickly. Check out the average repair costs below to see how much you can save with TantaSecure™. We protect your smartphone against everyday accidents as well as common malfunctions after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

Smartphone Center

All repair estimates based on prices charged by third party repair stores. Liquid damage estimate based on price of Samsung Galaxy S8.


  1. Here To Help, 24/7

    File a claim with TantaSecure™ online or over the phone. Our award-winning customer support is available 24/7.

  2. Fixed or Replaced Fast

    We'll overnight you a replacement when possible (may not be available for leased or financed devices). Or, we'll pay to have your device overnighted to us, fix it the day it arrives, and then overnight it back to you.

  3. Local Repair Option

    Need it fixed now? Take your device to a local repair shop or CarlCare, pay for any repairs, and we'll reimburse you. Great when traveling (TantaSecure™ covers you anywhere in the world) or when you just can’t wait.


  1. Phones Are Easy To Break

    Research shows that 1 in 3 smartphones die or get damaged. In the Nigeria alone, a phone breaks every day.

  2. They're Expensive To Replace

    A new smartphone might cost only ₦30,000 when signing up for a contract, but replacing it will likely cost you up to ₦50,000.

  3. Cases Aren't Enough

    No case can give you 100% protection from accidental damage. And even "waterproof" cases can't protect against malfunctions.


  1. Why is getting a protection plan for your smartphone a good idea?

    Research shows that 1 in 3 smartphones will die or get damaged. And when they break, they can cost up to ₦100,000 to replace if you’re still under contract with an insurance company. Meanwhile, most smartphone cases do little to prevent your screen from getting cracked, almost none are waterproof, and even the best can’t protect your phone from malfunctions.

  2. Why should I choose TantaSecure™ over other insurance companies?

    TantaSecure™ protects you for less than you’ll pay for insurance with other agencies. How much can you save? Up to 50% every month—and up to ₦30,000 in deductibles when your phone breaks. That’s up to ₦40,000 during a two-year phone contract. Plus, we give you the option of having your phone fixed at the local repair shop of your choice or, if you need to send your phone in for a repair, we’ll cover all delivery costs and have it fixed fast.

  3. Why doesn't TantaSecure™ offer loss & theft coverage?

    Because we don't think it's a good value for our customers. Research has shown that people are 10 times more likely to have their phone break due to malfunctions or accidents like drops and spills (which TantaSecure™ covers better than anyone else) than lose it or have it stolen. Any yet, accident plans that include loss & theft can cost twice as much as plans that don't—up to N5,000 or more (fees plus deductibles). Meanwhile, Apple and Google have free apps to help find your phone if you ever do misplaceit.

  4. How do I cancel my insurance plan through my phone carrier?

    Click this link and follow the simple instructions.

  5. How will my item get fixed?

    How your item gets fixed depends on what it is, the type of damage, and the type of plan you have. Here are some of the service options we offer:

    Send it in for Repair: We’ll repair your item in five business days or less after we’ve received it, guaranteed. We'll also pay for shipping to and from our repair center.

    Same-day Local Repair: You can arrange for your own repair provider for same-day repairs and send us the receipt to get reimbursed.

    Next-day Replacement: For smartphones and iPhones, we’ll send you a replacement phone for next-day delivery (when available). As always, we cover all shipping costs.

TantaSecure™ provides warranties for iPhones, iPads, laptops, and other electronics. Compare us against more costly insurance coverage plans. We cover drops, water damage, and all sorts of accidents. We're consistently rated five stars by customers for our quick and easy claims process. Our customers are the best.